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Amga TV or the Armenian Media Group of America is a TV channel located in California. It offers a wide variety of entertainment programs and guest appearances comprised of politicians, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, and artists from all over.
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AMGA, Armenian Media Group of America,established in November of 1999, has earned a well deserved popularity in Southern California. Its daily produced programs air on basic cable systems such as Charter Communications. AMGA broadcasts in Armenian, Russian, and English for twenty four hours, seven days a week. AMGA viewers can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment programs, and guest appearances comprised of politicians, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, and artists from all over. Due to the rise in immigration to the United States, especially in Glendale, Los Angeles, Southern California, and the USA in general, AMGA makes it’s daily produced programs available not only on Southern California’s cable system, but also all over the U.S., Canada, and Mexico through the GlobeCastWorld TV satellite.

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Watch ArmNews TV Live from Armenia

ArmNews TV is an Armenian 24/7 news channel. The TV company has a digital broadcast. Available in Armenia and Artsakh. Website: Live stream ArmNews TV: World Newspapers and Magazines «Արմնյուզ» հեռուստաընկերությունը (ArmNews TV) հայկական շուրջօրյա լրատվական հեռուստաընկերություն է։...

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Watch Azatutyun TV Live from Armenia

Azatutyun TV, Free Europe / Armenian service of Radio Liberty, with headquarters in Prague. With three dozen reporters in Yerevan Bureau it is the largest international news correspondent network of Armenia. The channel started broadcasting radio in 1953. Website:

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Watch Horizon TV Live from Armenia

Horizon is an Armenian TV channel based in the USA. It first aired in 1989. It provides Armenian pop culture, news, heritage, educational, entertainment, and lifestyle. Horizon is the first 24-hour and the longest standing Armenian television network in America....

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Watch ARTN TV Live from Armenia

ARTN is established in 1985. It has earned a well-deserved popularity in Southern California among the Armenian community. ARTN is broadcasting daily in Armenian and Russian offering continuous coverage of national and international events. Website: Live stream ARTN TV:...

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Watch 1 TV Live from Armenia

1 TV is the Armenian Public TV channel, based in Yerevan. The station began broadcasting in 1956. The channel is a member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) since 2005. Website: Live stream 1 TV: World Newspapers and...

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